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Sassi of Matera - The Passion Tour

Would you like to visit the real places where "The Passion of the Christ" was shot?

“Certain sections of the city are 2,000 years old, and the architecture, the blocks of stone, the surrounding areas and rocky terrain added a vista and backdrop that we [used] to create the backdrops for our lavish sets of Jerusalem. We relied heavily on the look that was there. In fact, the first time I saw it, I just went crazy, because it was so perfect.”

(Mel Gibson)

This is the way Mel Gibson,
director of the famous and controversial
“The passion of the Christ”, describes Matera as he finishes to shoot his movie.
Mel Gibson chose to shoot his movie in November because of the particular nuances of the light on the soft rocks of the Sassi in this month of the year.

GuideMatera recommeds “The passion tour”, a thematic itinerary to discover the actual locations of movie's most important scenes, such as the way of the cross' stairway, The gate of Jerusalem, the crucifixion, the market, the last supper and so on.

During the guided tour, an official tourist guide of the Basilicata region will tell you all the anecdotes and the details of the “behind the scenes” and will show you the most amazing spots of the Sassi that have enchanted many directors.

On request, we will organize for you a delicious taste of local food and wine and we will help you to manage all the details of your stay in Matera.

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